Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Juergen may like the idea

Sometimes Jürgen surprises me.  We were shopping.  I asked him if I could get a few things for the fairy gardens.  I got colored sand and succulents.  He found some colored moss and he wanted me to buy that.  I think there is some creativity in him ready to find its way out.  I ordered fairies and tiny ceramic houses on Amazon.  They are coming from China so it may take a while before they get here. 
My artist daughter Nicole is moving out in a week.  She has finished one master’s degree and now will work on a 2nd degree.  We got her longer than most parents get their kids.  She just turned 23years old.  But I admit Jürgen and I are both pretty sad.  Maybe this is why we want to do something creative.  Nicole is so creative.  I have a garden because of my dad.  He passed away in May.  Being in the garden makes me think of him.  I guess it’s something like that. 

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