Friday, September 16, 2016

Post one

Today was the sperrmüll day. That is a day people put their old furniture and junk on the street to be picked up. I'm thinking of starting a new blog. I'll collect stuff from the sperrmüll, repurpose it and sell it. I was thinking of calling the blog, “don't tell Jürgen”. Today I found 4 chairs I plan to refinish for my garden. I bought a giant almost 3 meter wooden table on eBay. I want to chalk paint the table, and have 10 chairs around it. I already had 4 wicker chairs and 2 larger wicker chairs. So now I have 10 chairs. They all need to be painted, but I’ll have seating for another 10 people. We already had seating for 10 on terrace. But when the kids are home, we hardly have room for guests. I also found one overstuffed chair from the 1950s to go next to my phone. And the thing I found to repurpose and sell are a stack of bread pans from the bakery. I think I will wash them up, drill holes in them and plant them with succulent plants.

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