Saturday, September 17, 2016

Someone told Juergen

I would have told Juergen about the blog. It did not take 5 hours, and someone (a Facebook friend that shall remain nameless) already told him. Actually, Juergen is on my Facebook but he never reads it. I planned to tell him, so it just made me laugh someone else had already told him! Why the title? Well, every time I see something in the sperrmüll I want to pick up, I tell the kids "don't tell your dad". But I like the title, “don’t tell Juergen" better. He obviously does not want me to take up another project. We are already crazy busy. But I get bored. I need a creative task, or goal. You can call it a constructive midlife crises. I watch too many DIY videos on YouTube? My first project will be turning the bake pans into fairy gardens. If they turn out well they will be for sale and the proceeds will go to MOPS. MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers. I have 5 kids, and the youngest is 13years old. But I am coordinating a MOPS group in Heidelberg Germany. We provide free child care. We do this so the moms can get a real break, and drink a coffee with other moms. But we pay our amazing childcare workers a small volunteer fee (they are worth much more then we pay). So we need money for MOPS childcare. If you happen to want to donate money for the sanity of young moms who are doing the good work of raising the next generation, you can donate money. Just give it to me. And I personally think my Facebook friend who told Juergen should donate to MOPS!!! Here is a video of what a fairy garden is. And you will be able to see my fairy gardens in a future blog post.

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